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Related article: Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 23:12:28 -0400
From: Sidney Gittler
Subject: Fairy Godfather part 2This is a work of fiction. All warnings apply. Ash isn't gay. All
comments to Thorgil's Boys
Inspired by Arne
Written by Sid G (c) 2000 Introduction: My name is Thorgil and I'm a fairy godfather. More like the fairy
godmother in Cinderella than Tinkerbell, though I'm one hunk of a man if I
must say so myself.
I have an interesting assignment. As you know sexual orientation is
something you're born with, but you have to realize it. My job is to enter
the dreams of gay teenage boys who haven't realized or accepted the fact
and through one memorable wet dream waken them.
The Chief has given me permission to report some of my cases. This is
one of the more recent ones. Sindra's Story Sindra is one of my favorite recent cases due to our shared Norwegian
heritage. His golden blond hair contrasts with his fiery black eyes, which
somehow feel both right and wrong against his pale skin. He's just over
five feet tall, 106 pounds and as hairless as any prepubescent
twelve-year-old should be.
The boy lived a very lonely life in a small two-bedroom apartment in a
high rise in downtown Oslo. Technically, he lived with both his parents.
Basically, it was just he and his mother since his father worked for
Norway's Foreign Service and was always posted overseas or traveling
Actually, he lived by himself since virtually all communication had
broken down between he and his mother. He had classmates he wanted to be
friends with, and who wanted to be friends with him. But his mother's
rules said he had to go straight home from school and nobody could come
over and he couldn't use the phone.
So, he did his homework, read his books, listened to the radio and
watched Pokemon.
And thought about the fact that he was gay.
If Sindra knew he was gay why was I there? Well, he knew it and hated
it, which was just as bad if not worse. Loneliness was fine because he was
evil. Being a faggot was why his father was never home and his mother
never talked to him.
I had to show him being gay was fine, that he wasn't evil. There
wasn't much time either; he was spending too much time staring out an open
twentieth story window.
But whom could I use? I was watching him watch television one day
when it came to me That night I watched as he changed into his Pokemon pajamas and
crawled under his Pokemon comforter and fell asleep. "Cool shirt, that's my favorite," a teenaged male voice spoke and
Sindra sat bolt upright on the couch.
"Who's here? How did you get in? Leave before I call the police?"
Sindra heard footsteps and looked in that direction.
"Hi Sindra, how you doing?"
"Ash? Is it really you? Can't be, you're just a cartoon character.
I must be dreaming."
The thirteen-year-old with the perpetually moving raven hair laughed.
He was wearing the vest, shirt and baseball cap that he always did when he
was chasing Pikachu and the others around Pallet Town.
Sindra watched as his hero walked over, sat down next to him on the
couch, picked up his hand and kissed it.
"Does that feel like a dream?" Ash said.
Sindra nodded.
"Then how about this?" Ash asked and prelolitas models sexy galleries pinched him.
"Ouch, why'd you do that?"
"You know the saying, 'pinch me I must be dreaming.' Well now you
know I'm real."
"But why?"
"Why am I here?"
Sindra just nodded as Ash continued to hold his hand.
"Gary and I have been watching you, and you have us worried."
"But you and Gary are enemies," Sindra snapped.
Ash laughed, "Only for the show. Well, the competition is real to
become the greatest trainer, but off camera we're lovers."
"You mean, you're gay?" Ash said in shock.
"Yes," Ash kissed Sindra's cheek, "Gary and I are gay just like you
"But it's." Before Sindra could continue Ash had pulled Sindra's
shirt off and was lying on top of him.
Sindra opened his mouth but Ash closed it with a kiss. A kiss that
Sindra tried to resist, and then found himself with his tongue inside Ash's
mouth and his hands feeling the famous teen's bare back.
The confused younger boy moved his hands lower and caressed the firm
butt cheeks.
Ash pulled away and alarm filled Sindra's face.
"Suck my cock, and remember you've got to swallow it all," they both
laughed at the variation on the Pokemon slogan.
Ash moved forward and Sindra found the dripping organ at his mouth.
Five inches of hard boy meat photos of lolis 15y was quickly inside his mouth. He gagged,
shifted and began sucking.
"Oh yeah, you're a natural buddy. Ash started fucking Sindra's mouth
harder and faster. As Sindra felt the cock in his mouth growing he felt
his own growing as well.
"I'm going to cum," Ash said and nude lolita art pictures filled Sindra's mouth and throat with
his cum. Sindra struggled to swallow every drop, got to catch them all,
and with a lick of his lips he did.
"Now was that bad or evil?" Ash asked a few minutes later when they
were again cuddled on the couch.
"Are we bad people because we're gay?"
Sindra kissed Ash's hand in reply. "But you and Gary are busy, and I
don't have anybody else."
Sindra buried his face in Ash's chest and began to cry. After a while
Ash picked his head up and kissed him. Instinctively Sindra parted his
lips and Ash's tongue greedily entered. The tears and sadness forgotten by
both boys their hands roamed freely over the other's naked body.
Ash sat back on his haunches and raised Sindra's legs to his
"This will hurt a little, if it gets too much tell me and I'll ease
off for a minute. And know this, you're the first of my fans I've done
this with."
Sindra smiled the biggest smile of his life and Ash inserted his hard,
leaking cock inside the virgin hole. By the time Ash's low-hanging balls
were slapping against his smooth ass Sindra knew he'd been wrong about
everything. It wasn't his fault his father kept taking overseas
assignments. It wasn't his fault his mother was so wrapped up in herself
that she ignored him.
Most importantly, he knew there was nothing wrong in being doll loli nude toplist gay.
"Fuck me," Sindra said and blew Ash a kiss.
"Oh yes baby," Ash said and began to slowly stroke deeper and deeper
into the young boy's innards.
Sindra felt no pain; just pleasure and lust as he felt his insides
probed and watched his cock jump and twitch as the greatest Pokemon trainer
in the world fucked his ass faster and faster.
"Shit you've got a tight ass, and I'm going to fill it with pretty
damn fast."
"That's one big boy cock filling it now."
Ash started panting as he got closer, finally one final thrust deep
inside Sindra and he shot his load even deeper inside the boy.
Sindra felt the thick fluid emerge and fill his rear as he watched Ash
continue to pound his ass.
Finally free nude lolitas movies Ash pulled out and collapsed on top of Sindra. They're mouths
met and locked.
"I know you can't stay," Sindra finally said, "but how will I find
someone else?"
"You will, you just have to talk to your mother and tell her you're
not a baby and need time with your friends. Now before I go you've got to
do preteen naked loli models
one thing."
"Fuck me."
"Especially that," Sindra said.
They got off the couch and Ash leaned over the end, sticking his ass
in the air. Sindra didn't know how he knew what to do but he sucked two
fingers and worked them into Ash's tight ass. He kept spitting on his
other hand as he used it to get ready.
"Fuck me buddy," Ash said.
"Yea, " Sindra said, withdraw his fingers and slammed his cock home.
He started shoving in and out, getting harder and harder and finally
felt he was about to cum. He shouted to Ash And felt some warm drops of fluid land on his bare groin. His eyes
opened and he saw he was on top of the comforter with his shirt pulled up
and his pants shoved down. And there, right above his still twitching
prick, were two drops of fluid. He reached down, nude lolita art pictures wiped them up with a
finger, and licked his fingers clean of the first cum of his life.
"No nothing wrong with being gay at all," Sindra said. I sighed; smiled, knowing I'd accomplished my mission.
The next Monday in school there was a new boy in his first period
class. Black hair that wouldn't sit still, blue vest, baseball cap and the
deepest blue eyes.
The teacher introduced him as Gordon ben Asher.
"Call me Ash," he said, and his and Sindra's eyes locked.
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